Would you really let this little kid’s mom get fired for being gay?


We asked people at the United for Marriage rally at the Supreme Court to write letters to their elected officials telling them how wrong it is that it’s legal to fire or refuse to hire people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity in more than half of the country.

A little boy named Joe wrote that his mom has a good job and that they need every dollar she can make, so he hopes that she’s never fired just for being gay. He asked his Congress member to pass ENDA so his mom wasn’t in danger of being fired just because she’s gay. Imagine a little kid having to worry about this sort of thing. Makes you sick. Makes you angry, doesn’t it?

No one should have to come home and tell their kids that they can’t put supper on the table because they were fired for who they are or who they love. Being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender shouldn’t mean living in fear of losing your job for no reason.

Stand with Joe and his moms and working people all over the country. Tell your legislators that it’s time to do what’s right.