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Image from the National LGBTQ Task Force's October 2022 Gala. Photo show a dimly lit ballroom full of hundreds of guests seated at their round tables and Jonathan Capehart speaking on the stage.

October 14, 2023

Thank You for Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary Gala and the AfterGlow Ball!

Miami Beach, FL

Your presence, dedication, and contributions made this event an incredible success! Together, we're making strides to build a future where we can ALL be our most authentic selves unapologetically. Let's continue this journey of empowerment and unity.


Photos from the 2023 Gala

2023 Gala Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor
Alex & Bill Roedy
Bradley Carlson & Troy du Toit
Huizenga Family Foundation
Jorge García & Cesar Lourenço
Liebe & Seth Gadinsky
Roger Thomson and Jim Tyrrell
A person sings passionately into a microphone at the 2022 Task Force Gala.

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Support our social justice work and community partner organizations in South Florida with a donation through the Gala.