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Celebrating Women’s History Month

Celebrating the strength, resilience, and power of all Women+ and Femmes during Women’s History Month!

| By Benjamin Coy

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, the National LGBTQ Task Force continues to honor and celebrate the remarkable contributions of women+ and femmes. In that vein, we highlight four influential women+ and femmes who have left an indelible mark on history.  

Kierra Johnson 

Joining the Task Force in 2018 as Deputy Executive Director, Kierra’s commitment to LGBTQ advocacy began earlier through her service on the organization’s board of directors and National Action Council. Bringing a wealth of experience in organizational leadership, program development, and reproductive justice, Kierra’s role is pivotal as she becomes one of the few out queer-identified women of color leading a national LGBTQ organization. 

As a bisexual Black woman, Kierra is not only a trailblazer in their field but also a recognized national expert on queer and reproductive rights. Her impactful voice has reached the U.S. House of Representatives, renowned publications by Newsweek, at marches like the 60th Annual March on Washington, and more.  

Beyond her role with the National LGBTQ Task Force, Kierra serves on the boards of the General Service Foundation, Groundswell Fund, and Guttmacher Institute, contributing to her legacy of leadership and advocacy. 

Andy Marra

As the Executive Director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF), Andy is known for her tireless advocacy and leadership in the LGBTQ community. With a strong background in communications, Andy joined TLDEF after leading external communications for the Arcus Foundation for over five years. Prior to Arcus, Andy made significant contributions at #GLSEN, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, and #GLAAD, showcasing her dedication to #LGBTQ rights across various sectors.  

In addition to her role at TLDEF, Andy serves as Board Chair of the Freedom for All Americans Education Fund, further amplifying her commitment to inclusive advocacy. Her extensive involvement in numerous boards and advisory councils underscores her dedication to creating positive change.  

Andy’s remarkable contributions have earned her recognition with the likes of the White House and the City of New York. She continues to be celebrated as a trailblazer, honored by The Advocate’s “Forty Under 40” and named one of The Huffington Post’s “Most Compelling LGBT People.”  

With accolades such as the GLSEN Pathfinder Award and the National LGBTQ Task Force Creating Change Award, Andy’s impact resonates deeply within the LGBTQ community and beyond. 

Dr. Lulu aka The Moma Trician

Dr. Lulu’s journey began at 16 when she bravely shared her truth with her Nigerian, Catholic, Igbo redcap-chief father. Despite societal expectations, she pursued her path, navigating the complexities of identity and parenthood. Alongside her child’s journey of self-discovery, Dr. Lulu confronted her biases and transformed into a fierce LGBTQ+ advocate. 

From challenging societal norms to advocating for LGBTQ+ youth, Dr. Lulu’s story is one of resilience and growth. As a pediatrician turned advocate, she now champions parental support for LGBTQ+ children, particularly Black gender diverse youth.  

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Lulu has been featured on #TEDxTalks, #CBSNews, #News4SA, and was a featured speaker on Oprah Winfrey’s “The Life You Want” masterclass discussing imposter syndrome and her experience as a parent of a queer child. 

Liaam Winslet

A dynamic leader within the Movement, Liaam Winslet serves as the Executive Director for Colectivo Intercultural TRANSgrediendo. #CITG promotes and defends human rights and access to comprehensive health for TransGNC, QBIPOC and Sex Workers. 

Liaam’s journey began in her teenage years, fueled by a passion for empowering trans communities and advocating for HIV education. As an influential change maker, Liaam dedicates herself to advancing transgender and gender nonconforming (GNC) equality. Beyond activism, she expresses her creativity as a photographer, capturing the essence of her peers and documenting their lives. 

Hailing from Guayaquil, Ecuador, Liaam’s activism knows no bounds, from her early beginnings to her ongoing commitment to the cause. 

These extraordinary individuals embody strength, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, serving as inspiration for generations to come. 

Benjamin Coy

Benjamin Coy

Communications Marketing Campaign Manager


Washington, DC

A charismatic and energetic branding and digital marketing professional, Benjamin has a strong academic background in communication, business management, and public relations with a proven history of excellent written and verbal communication skills. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in public relations and advertising from Bethune-Cookman University, Benjamin completed his Master of Arts in Strategic Communication…