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Queering Our Democracy

The Task Force is committed to ensuring a fair democracy by queering the census, queering the vote, and prioritizing the watchdog role of FedWatch that monitors and publicly comments on administrative policy and government data. Our staff also works on voting rights, federal legislation, policy formation and regulations, and presidential appointments and nominations. The Task Force remains deeply committed to stopping voter suppression, ending partisan gerrymandering, restoring federal voting rights to formerly incarcerated individuals, enacting ethics rules, endorsing campaign finance reforms, and other protections.

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Your Vote Matters 

As the cornerstone of any democracy, free and accessible voting rights are a crucial component of an inclusive, equitable society. LGBTQ+ people have been historically marginalized in our society and have not had our voices heard in the political process. In every election, LGBTQ+ voters can make the difference to help build a democracy that works for us as LGBTQ+ people. We highly encourage ALL LGBTQ+ citizens and allies to register to vote and cast your ballot to make your voice heard. 

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The Power of LGBTQ Voters 

LGBTQ voters have the power to completely change the outcome of elections. The Task Force will continue to stay engaged with our partners and targets through various political campaigns to foster the expansion of our movement, one focus during our Get Out the Vote work is to engage the most marginalized and the most engaged from our democracy. Through this distinct work engaging all our communities, we believe we can build a democracy that works for us as LGBTQ people and not against us. We want free and accessible voting rights, a crucial component of an inclusive, and equitable society.

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