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The National LGBTQ Task Force is queering the vote across the country by driving LGBTQ+ people and allies to the polls.

We build grassroots people power and create the conditions to deliver concrete wins for LGBTQ+ people. This is done by ensuring year-round engagement, enhancing the volunteer experience through skills-building workshops, building partnerships, increasing visibility, and setting measurable goals. LGBTQ+ rights, protections, and joy are our priorities.

Queer the Vote
Speak Up

Build LGBTQ+ Power Across the U.S. and Queer the Vote!

Are you an LGBTQ+ person or an ally interested in being a part of seismic change across the country? The National LGBTQ Task Force is driving Queer the Vote, an effort to educate and mobilize LGBTQ+ rights supporters during key election cycles and anti-LGBTQ+ legislative assaults. Sign up with the Task Force today for opportunities to be part of this change.
Take Action

Right now, we are seeing unprecedented systemic attacks on everything from bodily autonomy via access to safe abortion and gender-affirming care to attacks on marriage equality and education. By engaging with emerging leaders from across the nation, we will ensure folks not only have the tools to build out grassroots mobilization efforts but the necessary political education to understand what historical and systemic factors have led us to this reality.

An API canvasser wearing a light blue shirt reading "Second chances" hands a clipboard to a white person in a grey shirt, who is signing a paper on the clipboard. They are standing in a well-lit street at night with rainbow flags on a storefront in the background.

Why Now?

We are experiencing unprecedented systemic attacks on everything from bodily autonomy via access to safe abortion and gender-affirming care to attacks on marriage equity and education. By engaging with key constituents from Florida to Texas through phonebanking, we can mobilize LGBTQ+ voters and their allies to help elect LGBTQ+ affirming local and national candidates and ensure incumbents understand where our community’s priorities lie.

With many of these attacks on our civil liberties, we find political leaders, such as Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, and bigoted special interest groups, like Mothers for Liberty, spearheading these anti-queer, anti-Black campaigns.

Luckily, we have people power behind us – and mobilization efforts like phonebanking have been shown to increase voter turnout by 4 percent. That’s enough to swing entire elections!

Group of Black and API queer women posing together for a photo during GOTV
Group of advocates for immigrant rights march in street wearing coats, mittens, and hats. They are carrying signs reading "Immigrants Make America" and "Respeta Mi Existencia o Espera Resistencia." They are chanting.

The Power of LGBTQ+ Voters

LGBTQ+ voters have the power to change the outcome of elections completely. The Task Force will continue to stay engaged with our partners and targets through various political campaigns to foster the expansion of our movement, one focus during our Get Out the Vote work is to engage the most marginalized and the most engaged from our democracy. Through this distinct work engaging all our communities, we believe we can build a democracy that works for us as LGBTQ+ people and not against us. We want free and accessible voting rights, a crucial component of an inclusive, and equitable society.