Pride Guide: How to survive and even thrive this pride month!

Every summer, LGBT people around the world welcome the month of June with open arms to celebrate pride.

This year, as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force staff travels across the United States (click here to find out if we’re coming to your city) with our pink-and-purple banners waving in the wind, we thought we’d let you know exactly how you can let your rainbow flag fly high!

  1. Music: What pride is complete without speakers blasting out anthems of, “I’m Coming Out!,” “Born This Way!” or anything sung by the cast of Glee? You are at pride, and your headphones just won’t cut it. So crank up the volume to 11 and let everyone know that “Happy Days are Here Again.”
  2. Fierce Shoes: Whether you’re a fabulous drag queen sporting 7- inch ruby slippers or Birkenstocks, make sure you get your head-to-toe look complete with a pair of shoes you can prowl the festivals in while also looking your absolute best.
  3. Cell Phone: With all the hustle and bustle at pride you need to make sure you can stay in touch with your gaggle of friends, snap a picture of all the crazy get ups, and record a video of your favorite main stage performer, so keep that cell phone charged and handy! And heck, if you feel up for it, show the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force some love by texting PRIDE to 25383 to donate $10.
  4. Action is Hot/ Power is Sexy t-Shirt: Sure, rainbow flags are divine and mesh tank tops are ….well mesh tank tops, but rock a new trend at pride by throwing a Task Force shirt on your back. Show the world that you think Action is Hot and Power is Sexy and pick up your Task Force tee today.
  5. Friends & Family: Sure, you can go to pride alone. But, pride is a moment to celebrate you and your life so honor the people in your life and celebrate the season with them. Make this their moment as much as it is yours.
  6. Water: Let’s face it, walking around picking up temporary tattoos, signing petitions and collecting keychains is hard work, and in 98 degree weather it’s simply draining. So do yourself a favor and make sure you stay hydrated so you can stick it out for the after parties.
  7. Sunscreen: Tan lines and melanoma aren’t cute to say the least. So in addition to staying hydrated lather up with your favorite SPF and protect yourself….which leads us to:
  8. Safe-sex kits: I mean. Do we really need to explain this one, folks?
  9. Glitter – Pride without glitter? Don’t make us laugh.