National Religious Leadership Roundtable member, Rev. Mike Schuenemeyer, honored

Rev. Mike Schuenemeyer, a United Church of Christ minister and a member of the Task Force’s National Religious Leadership Roundtable, was honored by the City of Cleveland for his faith leadership during this week’s Cleveland LGBT Heritage Day. Schuenemeyer serves as the executive for Health and Wholeness Advocacy and works on LGBT and HIV/AIDS work for the denomination.

Both in his role as a national staff person of the United Church of Christ and in his myriad volunteer endeavors, Schuenemeyer has worked passionately to help establish a national and international network of people of faith who stand up for justice for people living with HIV/AIDS and for LGBT people. In order to do this, Mike is present: in Southern Africa at the Mother of Peace Orphanage, in Geneva with the international Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, in Washington, D.C. , with the International AIDS Conference, in Southern California with LGBT clergy, in downtown Cleveland with LGBT  youth at risk.

In all of it, Mike brings his powerful combination of a listening heart, a gentle spirit, and a keen mind that makes the connections between the stigma against LGBT persons and the scourge of HIV/AIDS, between racism and colonization, between preaching love and embodying love as justice.

All of these experiences and perspectives have made Mike’s leadership with the National Religious Leadership Roundtable invaluable. In hearing about this honor, many of the nearly one hundred pro-LGBT religious organizational colleagues praised Mike with celebration. No one’s work is more worthy of praise than his!

The Task Force Faith Work Director, the Rev. Rebecca Voelkel adds:

When I think of the kind of faith leadership that is humble and fierce, gently relentless about justice and love, I think of the Rev. Mike Schuenemeyer. I’m honored to call him a colleague and friend.