National LGBTQ Task Force Welcomes Mormon Church Leader’s Comments Condemning the Use Faith as Excuse to Discriminate

Salt Lake City, UT, October 22, 2015 — The National LGBTQ Task Force is welcoming the comments of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  leader Dallin H. Oaks condemning government officials who “apply (their) duties selectively according to their personal preferences — whatever their source.” His comments were widely seen as referring to Kentucky clerk Kim Davis who discriminated against married same-sex couples.

“In the very week we are having our Faith and Family LGBTQ Power Summit here in Salt Lake City, we are pleased to hear that a senior leader in the Mormon Church believes that using faith as an excuse to ignore the law and discriminate is wrong — such as in the case of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. This is another positive development in shifting the phony narrative that people of faith aren’t supportive of LGBTQ people and that LGTBQ people aren’t people of faith,” said Rev. Rodney McKenzie, National LGBTQ Task Force Director of the Academy for Leadership and Action.

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Jorge Amaro
National LGBTQ Task Force