Carey: “We stand with Planned Parenthood”

National LGBTQ Task Force responds to video attack designed to hurt vital health care access:

WASHINGTON, DC, July 27, 2015–The National LGBTQ Task Force is describing a much-publicized video attack on Planned Parenthood by an anti-abortion group as “sensationalized, misleading and untrue.”

“This is the latest attempt by the opponents of reproductive rights — in coordination with their supporters in Congress — to attack vital health care organizations such as Planned Parenthood. This includes sensationalized, misleading and untrue representations of Planned Parenthood’s work designed to undermine our nation’s support for comprehensive reproductive health care, including access to abortion. They will not succeed.

“Why should LGBTQ people care about Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health providers? Because LGBTQ people use birth control, have abortions, get tested for HIV, get screened for breast and cervical cancers, and use fertility treatments – and many people receive those services through Planned Parenthood. We also recognize that those who attack organizations such as Planned Parenthood have a view that disavows empowered decisions about our reproductive health and LGBTQ people’s empowered decisions about how to build our own families.

“Finally, we all need reproductive rights and justice because our respective hard won legal rights as LGBTQ and as a reproductive rights movements, respectively, have long been intertwined through Supreme Court decisions going back over 40 years. From Roe v. Wade, to last year’s Hobby Lobby ruling, to the successful marriage decision this summer, our ability to live our lives fully and to not be discriminated against are dependent on each other’s progress. Reproductive health is an LGBTQ issue,” said Rea Carey, Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force.


Jorge Amaro
Media and
Public Relations Director