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2020 Election

As the cornerstone of any democracy, free and accessible voting rights are a crucial component of an inclusive, equitable society. LGBTQ+ people have been historically marginalized in our society and have not had our voices heard in the political process. 2020 is a crucial election year that can shift the balance by electing more pro-LGBTQ+ candidates.

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We encourage ALL LGBTQ+ citizens and allies to get out the vote. Living in a time of rapid changes due to COVID-19, it is more important than ever that we have all the information necessary to vote. This pandemic has already impacted primary elections across the country. Below you will find crucial information on voting in your state and we highly encourage everyone to register to vote and cast your ballot by mail.

The Power of LGBTQ Voters

LGBTQ voters have the power to completely change the outcome of elections. In 2016, the LGBTQ community was much larger than the margin by which several key states were won. By turning out LGBTQ voters in these states, we can #QueerTheVote and ensure our voices are heard.

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