Faith leaders speak out on killing of Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato

Members of the National Religious Leadership Roundtable (NRLR), convened by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, are speaking out on the brutal killing of Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato. The Task Force, which has been outspoken against Uganda’s proposed “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” reported on the killing yesterday. A funeral was held for Kato in his home village near the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

NRLR member the Rev. Susan Russell, a leader in the Episcopal LGBT group Integrity, told USA Today:

So where’s the voice of the church condemning this and other acts of violence against LGBT people? When will the Archbishop of Canterbury speak out on behalf of the voiceless victims of homophobia across the Communion he is so anxious to preserve?

Task Force faith work director and NRLR member the Rev. Rebecca Voelkel stated:

Rev. Canon Susan Russell has it exactly right when she asks us to consider the impact of our words and actions. Jesus, in the Scriptures, invites us to know someone by their ‘fruits.’ That is, what do our words and actions inspire?  What legacy do we leave? Surely our God calls us to leave legacies of love and justice, not fear-mongering.