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Why civil unions are not enough

The federal government alone accords 1,138 benefits and responsibilities based on marital status, not on civil union status.

Where do black leaders stand on marriage equality?

While anti-gay organizations have promoted African-American leaders who oppose equal treatment for same-sex couples, in fact many black leaders support equality and oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. This document has been prepared and updated by the National Black Justice Coalition.

Gay pride survey: 2004 presidential election

A survey of how lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voters projected they would vote in the 2004 presidential election.

Economic benefits of marriage under federal and Massachusetts law

When Massachusetts same-sex couples gained the right to legally marry, they gained access to rights heterosexual couples have had for years.

Facts about Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation in U.S. political discourse

Openly lesbian Mary Cheney has received criticism for working for her father Dick Cheney’s anti-gay political campaign.

False anti-gay claims targeted at black voters in swing states

In an effort to win more votes for George W. Bush and other Republicans in the 2004 election, conservatives marketed false anti-gay claims to black voters in swing states.

‘Moral values’ voters in the 2004 presidential election

During the 2004 campaign season, Republicans energized and mobilized their core constituency by emphasizing “moral values” in their messages.

Out and voting: The gay, lesbian and bisexual vote in congressional house elections, 1990-1996

A definite lesbian, gay and bisexual electorate exists. In 1996, this electorate made up five percent of all voters — a larger voting bloc than Latino, Jewish and Asian-American contingents.


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