What do you think the LGBT movement needs to work on?

We’re wrapping up our online survey this weekend and we want to hear from you!

opinion_403x403Thousands of people have already participated, but we know we haven’t heard from everyone. We still need your opinion in our “More Than Marriage” survey so we know what you think are the most important issues and priorities for you and for our community.

Marriage equality is necessary for our community – but it’s not the only thing our community needs.

  • We must win employment protections for our entire community
  • We must protect our youth and our aging communities
  • We must win a clear and fair path to citizenship that includes LGBT families.

So far,

  • 49% of people have indicated employment protections as a top priority
  • 18% have indicated greater transgender visibility as a top priority
  • And 24% have indicated reproductive rights as a top priority

What do you think? Please take a moment and let us know.

Take the survey.

We’re hoping to receive thousands more responses over the weekend to help inform the work and priorities of the Task Force.