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Tanya Kelly-Blackford

Database Administrator


New York, NY

Tanya worked at Learning Leaders, a Non-Profit Organization that trained volunteers in hundreds of schools. In 2017 the company closed its doors. She worked there for 15 years starting out as a Data Entry Specialist and ending as a Database Manager.

Tanya found herself looking for a job after this sudden upheaval. She started doing temp work just to get jobs because it is quite hard to find jobs on your own in this market today. She was looking for the same type of work that she was doing before, but when one has relational (RE) database skills a lot of the jobs available are in Development. It was not quite unfamiliar work since it still was RE, but it was unfamiliar territory nonetheless. Tanya loved it right from the start because it allowed her to learn and explore even more areas of the RE Database. It taught her a new skill, which she is always grateful to acquire.

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