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Rae Leiner

Field Director


New York, NY

Rae Leiner

Rae Leiner is a Black identified multi-racial non-binary Queer organizer, activist, and parent currently residing in the Hudson Valley.

An experienced facilitator, community organizer, strategic thinker, embodied practitioner, and strategic relationship builder, Rae’s creative thinking and radical dreaming inform their analysis and guide their systemic approach to challenging race, class, and gender injustice.

In 2005 they earned their Bachelor of Arts from Antioch College in Africana Studies with a focus on aesthetics and intersecting identity.

Their professional trajectory is focused on social and racial justice and movements for transformative change. 

Rae work encompasses multi facets of roles including the Director at Planned Parenthood of Greater New York working at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality to dismantle practices and address systemic oppression to improve patient and staff outcomes.

As co-founder and member of the executive leadership team at the Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center, a queer and trans of color-led activist organization in the mid-Hudson Valley, Rae provides coaching, directs professional development, designs and leads curriculum, trains organizers, and leads the legislative agenda work.

As a former director of the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative in the city of Newburgh, a former Community Voices Heard organizer in Orange County, and a former staff at Critical Resistance North East chapter, Rae brings 15+ years of professional leadership to areas of social justice and racial equity.

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