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Dee Tum-Monge

Senior Communications Manager


Washington, DC

Dee Tum-Monge

Dee Tum-Monge is a nonbinary, Latine and seasoned communications professional with a passion for applying the creative impact of narrative-driven digital media.

Over their career in managing communications, marketing and branding, Dee has established themself as a knowledgeable builder of processes and strategies for issue-based organization and firms. They have played a pivotal role in advancing national-scale campaigns for, most recently, the National LGBTQ Task Force, Hispanic Communications Network, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and Plantita Power.

Dee believes everyone has something to contribute towards the racial and gender liberation of all. As a digital organizer, they actively work towards building QTBIPOC community power by growing transformative online support networks. Recognizing the need for digital partnerships, Dee has expanded collaborative opportunities with community leaders, social influencers, and intersectionality-forward organizations.

In their professional capacity with the Task Force, Dee leads the organization’s Spanish-Language work by ensuring impactful messaging in Spanish-language media and developing language-accessible resources around language justice and LGBTQ inclusion. They actively engage with Latine-serving, trans-led organizations to listen how to best support and collaborate on Spanish-language accessibility solutions, including for initiatives like Creating Change and voting efforts.

When not immersed in the world of communications, you can catch Dee outside tending to a garden or walking around with a digital camera. And if you ever invite them out for Salvadorian pupusas, then they can’t turn you down.

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