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Happy Latinx Heritage Month!

Happy Latinx Heritage Month from the National LGBTQ Task Force!

The Task Force is taking this opportunity to celebrate Latinx individuals who are also LGBTQ, including our staff members, supporters, and board members. The term “Latinx” relates to people of Latin American origin or descent and is used as a gender-neutral or non-binary alternative to Latino or Latina.

Latinx Heritage Month’s start date of September 15 is significant because that day is the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Near the end of the month-long celebration, Día de la Raza is celebrated.

Latinx Heritage Month recognizes and honors the enduring contributions and importance of Latinx Americans to the U.S. and celebrates the many heritages and cultures of Americans from or with ancestors from Mexico, the Caribbean, Spain, and Central and South America.

For Latinx Heritage Month, as we did for API Heritage Month, we will be highlighting profiles of Latinx LGBTQ individuals. We invite the Latinx members of our LGBTQ community to join us. We encourage you to share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter. And for Latinx allies, thank you for joining us in making space for voices that aren’t centered as often as they could and should be, not just this month but every month of the year.

Your Latinx Friends and Allies at the National LGBTQ Task Force

Latinx Heritage Month Profiles:

JP Cano
Bamby Salcedo
Carmen Vazquez