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Latinx Heritage Month Profile | Bamby Salcedo

Latinx Heritage Month profile | Bamby Salcedo

From September 15th through October 15th the National LGBTQ Task Force is observing Latinx Heritage Month by celebrating Latinx individuals who are also LGBTQ—including our staff members, supporters, and board members.

Bamby Salcedo is the founder of several organizations including the TransLatin@ Coalition. 

“After receiving an award for her continued fight for justice for Trans Latina community, Bamby reflected a humble and authentic gratitude for just being alive and having somehow been given an improbable second chance in life.

Her unassuming warmth, transparency and playful character coexist with the seriousness of her determined commitment. Bamby is fortunate and grateful to be alive; this is expressed in her life through her wide and unique smile. Her work and in her signature dance moves that are always ready to spontaneously erupt.”

Find out more about Bamby’s work at her website,