Staff Bio: Evangeline Weiss

Evangeline Weiss is the Leadership Programs Director at the Task Force. Evangeline connects to the values of the Task Force: racial and gender justice, relationship oriented organizing, and sex positivity. Evangeline loves working for an organization that’s leading the edge of racial justice work within social justice movement spaces. Evangeline believes in promoting and practicing compassion for all people, even while fighting for the rights of herself and loved ones. Evangeline is an artist, poet, and mother, and to her, being her full self means embracing those parts of her while practicing love for everyone.

Before working at the Task Force, Evangeline worked at in the HIV/AIDS advocacy projects in the 1990s in New York, she worked at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and the local needle exchange in the East Village, and at Act Up. Now, outside of work, Evangeline volunteers her time organizing White People Against Racism in her community as well as teaching workshops at other organizations.

At the Task Force, Evangeline works on the Creating Change Conference; she helps the Task Force build relationships in the host city, and reviews proposals for the conference. Specifically for the conference, Evangeline works on organizing the Racial Justice Institute, the Day Long Institutes, and the Task Force staff led programming. Evangeline views these workshops as promoting an intersectional analysis of how power and privilege impact queer people from outside the movement, as well as the power dynamics that hold queer people back from within their movement spaces.


Evangeline Weiss
Leadership Programs Director
Portland, ME