Parenting & Family


Parenting & Family

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals pursue different paths to parenthood. Some have children through the use of reproductive technology such as donor insemination or surrogacy, while others adopt or become foster parents. Some LGBT people have children from previous heterosexual relationships. While our families deserve the same legal protections and social support granted to married opposite-sex couples and their children, they have few protections and, in some places, are even banned from adopting or becoming foster parents.

Why it Matters:

Prohibitions on same-sex marriage and a widespread lack of nondiscrimination protections leave LGBT families particularly vulnerable both economically and socially. In addition, efforts by anti-LGBT forces to ban lesbian and gay people from becoming adoptive or foster parents poses a great threat to our community. It is imperative stand against those who would deny our community the fundamental right to raise and protect our families.

Why We’re Doing:

  • The Task Force’s Public Policy & Government Affairs team is working hard on Capitol Hill for federal nondiscrimination protections for our community.
  • We work shoulder to shoulder with local LGBT rights advocates to pass state and local nondiscrimination laws through our trainings, fieldwork, financial support and our efforts to bolster the infrastructure of our state organizations fighting for equality for our families.
  • We work with state and local activists to defeat anti-LGBT family recognition amendments.
  • We provide research and talking points on parenting to counter extremist lies about our families.