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Queer Our Taxes!


We just launched an exciting new campaign to have the tax system more fairly reflect the reality of LGBT lives. Queer Our Taxes is the follow-up to our landmark 2013 Queer the Census Campaign. We're urging two key changes to the tax system that could put more money in the pockets of low-income LGBT families and give the economy a much-needed multi-million dollar boost. Get all the details and sign our petition right here!


Injustice at Every Turn - Report on Multiracial Respondents

Did you know that the suicide rate for multiracial transgender people is 33 times higher than it is for the general population? That's only one of the eye-opening and disturbing findings in our new report, which outlines the devastating impact of racism and transphobia on multiracial transgender people's lives.


Task Force Action Fund Says No to ENDA


Today the Task Force Action Fund announced it's withdrawing support for the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, ENDA. We urge all of our supporters to read our op-ed in The Advocate to understand why we've made this very important decision.


The Latest

July 18, 2014
President to take executive action to protect LGBT federal employees and LGBT employees of fed contractors
July 17, 2014
Task Force Calls for Swift Investigation into Murders of Transgender Women in Baltimore
July 11, 2014
Colorado same-sex marriage ban struck down
July 9, 2014
Outrage at Reported FBI Surveillance of Muslim Leaders
July 2, 2014
50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act

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