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On June 21, 2016, the National LGBTQ Task Force, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and the National Center for Transgender Equality released a joint statement about the needs of transgender and gender non-conforming autistic people and launched a social media campaign, #AutisticTransPride, to highlight transgender autistic voices and leadership.

Transgender autistic people are often denied the autonomy, recognition and respect they need to live according to their gender identity. Misperceptions about what it means to be transgender or about autistic people’s ability to understand their gender or make decisions about their bodies often prompt service providers or family members to stand in the way of transgender autistic people’s attempts to live life with authenticity and dignity. This can include denying transgender autistic people access to transition-related care; subjecting them to “normalization” treatments aimed at suppressing their gender expression; or placing them in guardianship or institutional settings that restrict their decision-making power.

This campaign aims to shed light on these barriers, and the work that transgender autistic people have been leading to win the life-saving rights and recognition we deserve. Transgender autistic people and allies are encouraged to share their story using the #TransAutisticPride hashtag. We’ve also created a poster people can print out and take pictures of themselves with to post on social media.