Board Bio: Roger Thomson


Roger Thomson was born in Detroit 4/4/1949, but grew up in Edina Minnesota – a Minneapolis suburb. Graduated High School in 1967; obtained BA in English from Miami University (Miami of  Ohio) in 1971; JD from SMU in Dallas in 1974.

He worked in private practice from 1974-77, became General Counsel of Steak & Ale (S&A Restaurant Co) in 1977: was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Burger King Corp. in Miami in 1989-1993, and then served as Executive Vice President, Secretary and General  Counsel at Brinker International, Inc (owner.franchisee of Chili’s and Maggiano’s)in 1993, overseeing Legal , Government Relations, Security, Interim Human Resources,Real Estate and Development – domestic and international. Prior to retiring retiring from Brinker in June 2106. Roger commuted weekly between Dallas for work and Miami Beach for 18 years, moving full time to Miami Beach in 2016. He was married to Jim Tyrrell 1/1/16.

He first became active with the Task Force by his involvement with Miami Gala and Winter Party by both volunteering for both events.  He became a Board Member of the Task Force in  2010, serving as Treasurer from 2012-2014, Co-Chair from 2015-2017 and currently am serving Treasurer.  I am also involved in numerous non-profit organizations focusing on health and homelessness of LGBTQ youth, advocacy for LGBTQ seniors, and philanthropy throughout the South Florida community.