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Lesbians are women too: A set of fact sheets from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute

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Fact Sheet
March 15, 2005

Lesbian, bisexual and transgender women of color are minorities within a minority and are significantly disadvantaged when compared to heterosexual women.

  • Black women in same-sex households earn substantially less annually and are less likely to own their own homes than heterosexual black women.
  • Hispanic/Latina female-headed same-sex households have comparable rates of living in the same residence for the past five years and almost equal rates of home ownership compared to heterosexual Hispanic/Latina women.
  • Asian Pacific American lesbian, bisexual and transgender women report that hate violence and/or harassment is the most important issue facing their community.

The full report includes fact sheets on black, Hispanic/Latina and Asian Pacific American lesbian, bisexual and transgender women.