Statement from the National LGBTQ Task Force regarding Creating Change and ICE

Washington, DC, January 12, 2016–The National LGBTQ Task Force is issuing the following apology regarding a decision — which since has been reversed — to accept a proposal from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for a session at the organization’s Creating Change Conference.

 “We know the decision to accept a proposal from ICE for a session at our Creating Change Conference was the wrong decision and that it has caused hurt and pain to communities and individuals we deeply care about. The decision also could have created a situation where the conference would not have felt like a safe space — a vitally important component of what makes the conference special — for undocumented immigrants, immigration activists and allies. Our commitment to immigrant rights and reform has never wavered, but we know community trust in our commitment has been damaged. We made a mistake and we deeply regret it and with our whole hearts apologize. We own this mistake and as allies to and members of the immigration reform movement, the Task Force will learn from it and endeavor to do better moving forward. We appreciate being held accountable and look forward to continuing this work with immigrant rights colleagues and activists,” Rea Carey, Executive Director and Russell Roybal, Deputy Executive Director.

 “In early Fall, we received and reviewed a proposal from three ICE officials to convene a caucus for the purpose of engaging attendees about ICE detention policies. As we reviewed the proposal, we perceived that ICE officials would get important and critical feedback and input that might lead to improving policies on detention of LGBTQ people in ICE facilities. Creating Change seemed an important gathering for ICE officials to hear directly from advocates on these matters. Then came the recent wave of deportation raids. We have taken action and cancelled the session. As the Director of Creating Change, I apologize for the original error of accepting the session. I should not have done that. The presence of ICE officials, whether uniformed or not, poses a threat to undocumented immigrant attendees at Creating Change. I have heard, loud and clear, that this was a breach of trust and one that I very much regret. In particular, I am very sorry that this poor decision has reflected badly on the work many have done to organize a safe and successful Creating Change Conference,” Sue Hyde, Creating Change Conference Director.



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Media Relations Director

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