WATCH: Task Force discusses historic Supreme Court marriage equality cases today on CNN

Task Force Deputy Executive Director Darlene Nipper was on CNN today speaking from the Supreme Court steps as oral arguments got under way in the Prop. 8 marriage case. Watch:

We’ve been organizing around one of the most historic civil rights events of our time — marriage equality at the Supreme Court! Justices heard arguments today challenging the Prop. 8 marriage ban in California. Tomorrow they’ll hear a challenge to the discriminatory, federal “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA). The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is part of the United for Marriage coalition, which has organized a vigil and two rallies at the Supreme Court, A Prayer for Love & Justice interfaith service, and other activities related to this watershed moment. More details here.

You can listen to today’s oral arguments in the Prop. 8 case right here.