Volunteers wanted for ‘Faith, Hope, Vote’ campaign in Arizona

Arizona has been the site of many contentious battles over equality, the most recent being the fight over the inhumane SB 1070.

Supporters of equality want to put an end to such affronts on people’s fundamental civil rights, and are working hard to register thousands of fair-minded voters via Promise Arizona‘s new “Faith, Hope, Vote” campaign.

In Arizona, we’ve seen the price that communities pay when more fair-minded people aren’t registered to vote: Anti-equality, anti-immigrant politicians are elected and pass regressive policies — like SB 1070 — that attack immigrants, women, people of color and LGBT people.

You can help change this, and Promise Arizona needs your help! From Sept. 17 to Oct. 4, Promise Arizona is asking volunteers from around the U.S. to courageously travel to Arizona and register voters alongside local volunteers. All volunteers will go through orientation and training. Promise Arizona will provide food and housing.

Currently, more than 300,000 voters are eligible to register but are currently unregistered — will you be a part of the team that changes Arizona politics for the better?

Click here to get the full details or check out their Facebook page.