Vatican plays down Pope’s Kim Davis meeting while revealing private meeting with same-sex couple

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct. 2, 2015 — The Vatican is distancing itself from a meeting the Pope had with anti-LGBTQ Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. The Holy See has also revealed that Pope Francis met with a same-sex couple while on his recent visit to Washington.

“As a Catholic I’m glad that the Pope is distancing himself from what Kim Davis stands for — which is discrimination against LGBTQ people and blatant disregard for the law. We are also pleased to note that Pope Francis met privately while in Washington with one of his former students who is openly gay and his partner. Indeed the gay man concerned has characterized the Pope as being ‘nonjudgmental’. This gives us some further interesting insight into the thinking of the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion people. Now we urge Pope Francis to go further than just meeting with us and to change the teachings of the church to fully welcome and affirm all LGBTQ Catholics,” said Russell Roybal, Deputy Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force.