Vanity Fair Publishes Caitlyn Jenner Cover Photo

Washington, DC, June 1, 2015—Vanity Fair today published a photo of Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman and former US OIympic gold medalist, set to appear on the cover of said magazine’s July edition. In response, the National LGBTQ Task Force released the following statement.

“When any high-profiled figure comes out as transgender, it can help highlight the challenges transgender people face every day all across the nation. The realities that transgender people experience in America is truly alarming. Transgender people are twice as likely to be unemployed and four times more likely to live in poverty when compared to the general population—and these disparities are much greater for transgender Black and Latina women. And for transgender people who are able to find a job, ninety percent of them experience harassment, discrimination or mistreatment at the workplace. This year alone nine transgender women of color murders have been reported. Clearly more needs to be done to ensure that transgender people have a fighting chance to access the promise of America,” said Kylar Broadus, Transgender Civil Rights Project Director, National LGBTQ Task Force.


Jorge Amaro
Media and Public Relations Director