Trump’s Title IX guidance removal “outrageous attack on the most vulnerable”

Washington DC, Feb 22, 2017 — The National LGBTQ Task Force is condemning President Trump’s decision to remove guidance that helps provide protections for transgender students in our nation’s education system.

“This is an outrageous attack on the most vulnerable in our education system, transgender children. At a time when young people need all the help they can get to reach their full potential, all Trump has to offer is more opportunities to discriminate against them. When every parent of a trans child needs hope and optimism for their families, all the president has to offer is pain and despair,” said Rea Carey, Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force.

The historic guidance to Title IX, providing support and protections to transgender students was issued by the Obama Administration. It provided clarity on matters such as: the right of students to not be discriminated against, or bullied because of their gender identity, to be addressed by the names and pronouns that correspond to their identity, using the bathroom matching their gender identity, among others. The guidance has been challenged in court by the opponents of LGBTQ equality.




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