Trans Advocacy Network launches new resources for local organizations to advance momentum for transgender equality across the country

The Trans Advocacy Network, a coalition for local and state level transgender advocacy organizations announced the launch of their new website, today. It will act as a resource sharing hub for transgender organizations and programs across the country. The new resource will enable transgender activists and allies to cross collaborate on effective legislative strategies, community engagement methods, and message development for policy and statue changes that will advance transgender equality on the state and local level.

“The ultimate goal of the Trans Advocacy Network is to build a strong, self-sufficient, efficient, effective and sustainable trans movement that works for social, economic, and racial justice,” said Dr. Marisa Richmond, President of the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition.

Gunner Scott, executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition said:

The launch of this new website is an exciting development for the transgender rights movement as it will provide every group, large or small, working towards transgender equality to have the tools to strengthen communication and the ability to benefit from each other’s work.

With this new website, member organizations will be able to connect with other trans organizations to share resources and best practices with the goal of building momentum for trans equality across the country.

Masen Davis, executive director of the Transgender Law Center stated:

Transgender people in the U.S. experience staggering rates of poverty, unemployment, and violence. This new resource has the ability to bring trans organizations together to create lasting change. It’s critical we come together to share the information and strategies needed to improve the well-being of trans communities across the country.

The Trans Advocacy Network Steering Committee currently includes Gunner Scott of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, Masen Davis of the Transgender Law Center, Dr. Marisa Richmond of the Tennessee Transgender Law Center, Shane Morgan of TransOhio, Katy Stewart of the Transgender Education Network of Texas, and Andy Bowen of the DC Trans Coalition. Advisors to the Steering Committee include Lisa Mottet of the Transgender Civil Rights Project of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Jaan Williams of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute. The Steering Committee is interested in additional members who represent predominantly people of color trans organizations and low-income trans organizations. Contact Jesse Begenyi for more information or how to become involved at

To apply for membership, learn more about the Trans Advocacy Network, or to find a state transgender advocacy organization visit