Throw your own Oscar party

If you haven’t already planned your Oscar party, we’re here to help. Our Task Force Oscar Party Kit provides snack and cocktail recipes, movie trivia to test your guests’ skills at pop culture, and our very own Oscar Bingo.

oscarcallout200x2002013So print out the recipes, trivia, and bingo, and let the fun begin.

While you’re entertaining your guests, remind them of the many films that have chronicled our history, one of which is up for an Oscar this year. “How to Survive a Plague” tells the story of the brave women and men who fought to bring attention to HIV/AIDS and drove the pharmaceutical industry to look for a treatment and a cure.

In our 40th year we can’t help but reflect back on the progress that’s been made and on the Task Force’s work in bringing us to this point, including lobbying to secure the first federal funding for community-based AIDS service organizations.

So let’s appreciate this film’s contribution to the ongoing fight for equality and social justice – and let’s have a great time at the Oscars!