The National LGBTQ Task Force celebrates National Coming Out Day

Washington, DC, Oct. 11, 2016 — In celebration of National Coming Out Day, the National LGBTQ Task Force is issuing the following statement.

 “Coming out, being you proudly and openly, is perhaps still the most significant action we can take as LGBTQ people and as an LGBTQ movement. Coming out has changed millions of hearts and minds — and has transformed labels, and letters, into real people — a son, a niece, a mom, a grandpa. In fact, it has made who we are — and the advancement of our freedom, justice and equality — personal for families across the nation. Today, we encourage everyone who has not yet come out, to come out if it is safe to do so. Your extended family is waiting to give you a huge hug,” said Rea Carey, Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force.

“In celebration of this day, I want to share with you this fabulous op ed written by Candace Bond-Theriault about being a black bisexual woman, published today in The Advocate.  We celebrate her, we celebrate you, and we celebrate every person who survives and thrives every day – against so many challenges that society throws our way.”


Jorge Amaro
Media and Public Relations Director