Taxation without recognition: Act now to repeal DOMA!

Every year on Tax Day, LGBT families face inequality and legally married same-sex couples are denied the benefits of jointly filing taxes because of the federal, so-called “Defense of Marriage Act.”

As LGBT people in this country, we already face lower annual incomes and increased levels of poverty. We face further inequities when it comes to paying taxes. Because our relationships are not recognized by the federal government, we are unable to share in the many deductions and credits; have to submit extra paperwork; and carry an undue burden during tax season.

The newly released report, Unequal Taxation and Undue Burdens for LGBT Families, explains in detail the many ways that LGBT families are treated unfairly under the law and are forced to carve up their families when filing taxes.

Tax Day is a harsh reminder that same-sex couples, even those legally recognized by their states, are denied the 1,138 federal benefits and obligations of married opposite-sex couples. In order to rectify this situation, we must first repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Act now to repeal DOMA and leave us a comment with your own tax filing experience.