Task Force staff attends White House meeting on transgender issues

White House officials welcomed more than two dozen transgender and allied activists and organizations to a meeting today to discuss the state of transgender rights on this Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Lisa Mottet, director of our Transgender Civil Rights Project, represented the Task Force. Attendees spoke not only of the violence that continues to affect the community, but also of other critical issues such as employment, health, housing, identity documents and education.

Transgender and allied activists at today’s White House meeting.

Over the last four years, the Obama administration enacted many policies that positively benefit the community, from modernizing the standard for updating gender markers on passports to enacting nondiscrimination rules for federally-funded housing.

The Task Force continues to press for a range of transgender-related policies, including additional nondiscrimination policies, the modernization of the Social Security Administration policy on updating gender markers, to a range of other policies affecting transgender people’s health.