Task Force participates in Latino State of the Union

Russell Roybal, deputy executive director at the Task Force and Lisa Pina with USDA on the panel.

Task Force Deputy Executive Director of External Relations Russell Roybal joined a panel of experts at MALDEF’s Latino State of the Union yesterday. They discussed topics such as redistricting, the 14th Amendment, Arizona’s SB 1070, the DREAM Act and marriage equality.

MALDEF President and General Counsel, Thomas A. Saenz delivered the keynote address, and Ray Suarez, host of HITN’s Destination Casa Blanca and senior correspondent of PBS The NewsHour moderated. Roybal was joined on the panel by Maria Teresa Kumar executive director, Voto Latino, Brent Wilkes, national executive director, LULAC and Lisa Pino deputy administrator – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Food and Nutrition Service, USDA.

The event was live-streamed across the country, and is now available to watch online: