Task Force joins Constitutional Progressives Movement

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has joined with the Constitutional Progressives Movement, a new coalition of progressive organizations, elected officials and thousands of people led by Constitutional Accountability Center to reclaim the Constitution as a progressive document that unifies and inspires people across ideological lines.

As part of this effort, the Constitutional Accountability Center has launched a Web site at www.constitutionalprogressives.org that will serve as an organizational hub for this new initiative. It will answer critical questions such as what it means to be a constitutional progressive and why we believe the whole Constitution, including the amendments ratified over the past 220 years, is, in essential respects, a progressive document.

Constitutional Progressives will:

Build a grassroots force able to rescue the true meaning of the Constitution and restore the Constitution as a document that unifies and inspires people across ideological lines.

Urge people across the political spectrum to sign the Whole Constitution Pledge, recognizing that when we pledge allegiance to the United States, and when political officials take an oath to support the Constitution, we are committing to respect the “whole Constitution,” not just the parts we like or find convenient.

Closely monitor and respond to the errors and distortions about the Constitution and correct the historical record about what the Constitution says and means.

Oppose misguided efforts to amend the Constitution, reverse constitutional progress, and ignore the wisdom of our constitutional forebears.

Support leaders who respect the whole Constitution and equip them with the constitutional and historical expertise and messaging to respond effectively to the errors and distortions of constitutional conservatives.

The Whole Constitution Pledge is part of the Constitutional Progressives Movement, which seeks to restore our nation’s charter as a document that unifies and inspires all people, rather than a document used to divide us.

To learn more about the Constitutional Progressives Movement and the Whole Constitution Pledge, visit http://www.ConstitutionalProgressives.org/.