Task Force: Hawaii governor’s veto of civil unions bill ‘a disgrace’

A few minutes ago, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle announced that she was vetoing a bill that would have granted same-sex and opposite-sex couples the right to enter into civil unions. Governor Lingle had until midnight tonight to decide to sign or veto the bill or allow it to become law with no action. The legislation passed the state Senate on January 22 and the state House on April 29.

Arguing that the civil union bill created “essentially marriage by another name,” the governor called for a popular vote on the issue, saying that “a vote by all the people of Hawaii is the best and fairest way to address” it.

Rea Carey called the governor’s decision “a disgrace” and called on the Hawaii Legislature to take action to override her veto:

Governor Lingle’s veto of legislation that would protect and strengthen Hawaii’s families is beyond a disappointment: It is a disgrace. Hawaii’s lawmakers passed this bill because it was about fundamental fairness. The governor’s action today flies in the face of both common sense and common humanity. We urge the Hawaii Legislature to override this veto.


Jeremy Hooper of Good As You has the full audio of the press conference available here.


Lambda Legal and the ACLU announced a joint lawsuit directed at the state of Hawaii immediately following the governor’s press conference.