Take Action To Stop White Supremacists

What happened in Charlottesville is painful for people who care about equality and justice. We all feared the racist bullies would attack, and they did. Every one of us must be part of what’s next, whether by showing up at a rally, providing emotional and spiritual care, or demanding accountability from our elected officials. The Task Force has put together some ways you can be part of the solution below:

Here are five things you can do to get involved in racial justice and stopping White Supremacy:

  1. Join a solidarity event in your local area this weekend.  Click here to find an event in your area on our partner organization Indivisible’s website.
  2. Register for our Queering Racial Justice Institute training September 23 in DC.
  3. Join the petition by MoveOn to Censure Trump over his failure to condemn white supremacy, Nazis, and the alt-right.
  4. Join the petition by Color Of Change to  Remove Every Confederate Symbol in America.
  5. Clergy can join the #righteousresistance movement to educate congregations and find ways congregations can become a part of local and national actions. Click to learn how to be a Righteous Resister to White Supremacists.