Take a Volunteer Vacation to help win marriage equality

In the fight for marriage this November, it’s ordinary people lending a hand in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, or Washington that’ll make the difference between winning and losing.

So that’s why the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is teaming up with Freedom to Marry and the Human Rights Campaign and asking activists like you to take a “volunteer vacation” in one of these states.

What’s a volunteer vacation? It’s you spending a week or more in one of these states working to help win marriage equality. It’s you making a difference.

You can sign up for your volunteer vacation right here. We’ll help arrange your travel and housing. Once you get here, you’ll get a complete training and then be ready to hit the ground running, working on a state campaign to win at the ballot box.

Don’t have a whole week? Live near Maine, Maryland, Washington or Minnesota? You can still help.  Sign up to spend a weekend working for marriage.

This is a critical moment in the battle to win the freedom to marry for all committed same-sex couples. We desperately need your help. So get packing today!

PS:  if you can’t take a volunteer vacation but have frequent flyer miles you can donate to get someone on the ground, go here to donate some miles.