Support EqualityMaine’s effort to win marriage equality at the ballot box in 2012

For the past year and a half, EqualityMaine and its coalition partners have been moving Mainers to be more supportive of marriage for same-sex couples. We know we’re changing hearts and minds every day.

And since March, we’ve had one-on-one conversations with over 20,000 Mainers about why marriage matters.  We’re ready to take the next step in our efforts to win marriage for all Maine families.

We intend to ask Mainers to support marriage equality at the ballot box in November 2012—and we believe this time, they will. The process of winning the freedom to marry begins today, with the submission of proposed ballot language to the Maine Secretary of State. 

We believe we can win and are ready to get to work.  It’s work that we can’t do without your support. To win marriage in Maine, we must:

  •  Collect 80,000 signatures
  •  Change hearts and minds of 15,000 more Maine voters
  •  Raise $500,000 by end of this year

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force will continue to work with EqualityMaine and urges you to support their effort to win marriage equality.