Stop separating our families!

Despite the fact that Bradford Wells and his husband Anthony Makk are legally married and have been together for 19 years, the government has denied the green card application that Bradford, an American, filed for Anthony, his Australian partner.

If the Obama administration does not act now, Anthony Makk — who serves as the primary caregiver for his husband Bradford, who is living with AIDS — will have to leave the country on Aug. 25.

You can learn more about their story by watching this video:


The government has the power to stop this. The Department of Homeland Security can keep Bradford and Anthony together.

Tell President Obama and Secretary Napolitano: Stop Separating Our Families!

We are joining with Immigration Equality to fight for relief for Bradford & Anthony and for every LGBT family. The administration can exercise its discretion and let this family stay together. Tell them to do it for Bradford & Anthony and for everyone.