Standing in solidarity with Wisconsin workers

In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker is attempting to cut public employees benefits and take away their collective bargain rights. The workers and Democratic legislators are taking a stand against the governor, and the Task Force stands in solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin and across the country. In an article published today, we stated:

It is inexcusable that some politicians are using the people as pawns in their quest for power and control. The assault on working people is a disgrace, and we are heartened that so many are standing firm and saying ‘no’ to this abuse of power. We join them in solidarity.

Task Force staff marches at the One Nation rally.

The Task Force is a longtime supporter of workers’ rights, most recently participating in the One Nation Working Together rally this past fall. As Rea Carey stated in this year’s State of the Movement address, we must work as a broader movement not just for LGBT equality, but for immigration reform, prison reform, disability justice, racial and economic justice. If we all stand together we can create real and lasting change in this country.