Staff Bio: Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey is the Director of Communications for the National LGBTQ Task Force. Sarah decided to re-enter full-time activism, after eleven years of working in public relations for social justice and the arts, because she wanted to work to resist the administration of Donald Trump and the harm she believes he causes to the LGBTQ community. Sarah fights the discrimination she, her family, and her friends experience on a daily basis because of their gender and sexual identities. Sarah believes it is important to connect the different communities and identities that exist within LGTBQ community, which is why she loves working at the Task Force. The organization looks at the LGBTQ community through the lens of racial equality. Sarah thinks it is extremely important for people to be able to express themselves, and be you!, which for her means being a loud, out, and hard femme.

Sarah Massey earned a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from the State University of New York at Cortland and her Master’s of Urban Planning from the City University of New York at Hunter. In the past, Sarah has worked in environmental advocacy, fights to raise the minimum wage, voting rights, and many more advocacy programs. Prior to working at the Task Force, Sarah ran Massey Media, LLC, at a public relations company she founded. Before that, Sarah worked for the AFL-CIO, fighting for workers’ rights around the country. Before Sarah focused on communications and media, she worked as an urban planner in New York City as a transit rider’s advocate. Sarah has served on many non-profit boards and advisory panels and is a founder of All In Service DC, a project that raised over $80,000 for local service charities during the 2017 Inauguration. At the Task Force, Sarah is in charge of all external communication for and about the Task Force.

Sarah is based in Washington, DC, where she serves as the Sergeant at Arms of the Outriders Women’s Motorcycle Club that has the great honor of leading the Capital Pride Parade.

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Communications Director
Washington, DC