Staff Bio: Natalie Mesa-Martinez

Natalie Mesa-Martinez is the Marketing and Fundraising Manager of the Miami development department.

Proudly born and raised in Miami, my passion runs deep in the roots of my diverse community including individuals of all colors, cultures and identities. I am strongly committed to telling the stories of my community as well as making strong connections with the individuals who make it so beautiful.

With my love for travel, cuisine and communication, my education includes a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in hospitality studies, and Master of Science in Marketing from Florida International University (FIU). During my undergraduate studies, I embarked on study abroads in Brazil and Spain that provided me the experience of adapting to new cultures and environments.

I am a dynamic marketing professional with experience in implementing and executing marketing and communication strategies and tactics for hospitality and tourism companies throughout Miami including restaurants, hotels and the renovated Miami Beach Convention Center where I was responsible for managing all aspects of marketing.

In my role at the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC), I was granted the opportunity to rebrand and build the digital audience and brand awareness of the re-imagined Convention Center, a $620-million-dollar renovated venue that serves as an economic driver to Miami and Miami Beach.

As an essential member of the marketing team at the MBCC, I wore many hats to assure all our short term initiatives support our long term strategic goals. My main responsibilities included cultivating enriching content for valuable digital marketing assets and communications across all platforms: social media, website, e-mail, digital signage and more; as well as, establishing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and community organizations in order to curate promotional events that showcase the venue’s unconventional spaces, service and cuisine.

With my experience and expertise in marketing, external relations and event management, I look forward to my new role as Marketing and Fundraising Manager at the National LGBTQ Task Force where I can continue to foster impactful relationships with the community and tell the story of an influential organization that raises awareness and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and equality.