Staff Bio: Jake Arnell

Jake Arnell started his work with the Task Force in 2014 as a volunteer working on Winter Party Festival, and also an intern to the Chief Communications Officer. Jake joined the Task Force full-time in 2017 so that he could devote his time to being a part of an organization that helps protect and improve the lives of the people he cares about.

Jake works in Corporate Development, building strategic relationships with corporations in order to increase funding and expand the reach of the Task Force. He believes that corporations have an important role to play in social justice work, and he enjoys acting as liaison between the Task Force and those corporations that share it’s values. Prior to joining the Task Force, Jake earned a Masters of Communication from Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC, with a focus in nonprofit. Jake spent more than a decade doing sales and marketing work for a software engineering firm called Advance Fiber Optics, Inc.

Having grown up in a conservative religious environment, Jake enjoys working at the Task Force because it challenges the rigid social norms he grew up with. The Task Force tagline: Be You!, encourages himself and others to be whoever they choose. Jake lives in Miami with his partner Cristian.

Corporate Development Manager
Miami Beach, FL