Reports: Sharp decline in NYPD police street stops

According to media reports, the number of the people being stopped on the streets and questioned by the New York Police Department has declined sharply in recent months. More details here and here.

The NYPD has been under fire for its controversial stop & frisk policy. The Task Force has been speaking out against the policy and racial profiling, including at a June 5 NYC press conference, and also participated in End Stop & Frisk: The Silent March Against Racial Profiling.

The steep decline in street stops is at least partly attributable to the uproar over the policy and to new trainings, according to media reports.

The Task Force has long advocated for racial and economic justice. This includes lobbying for passage of the End Racial Profiling Act,  a federal law that seeks to end racial profiling by law enforcement officials and ensure that individuals are not prejudicially stopped, investigated, arrested or detained based on their race, ethnicity, national origin or religion.

We believe the fight for LGBT equality is inextricably tied to the battle to end racism, and we encourage supporters of LGBT rights to work toward racial and economic justice for all.