Task Force: “Pass ENDA without delay”

Rea Carey calls on Congress to "step up to its responsibility" at ENDA press conference.

As part of our ongoing National Week of Action on ENDA, leaders from national LGBT groups and members of the community gathered today at the National Press Club to call for immediate action on ENDA in both the House and Senate.

The Task Force’s Rea Carey kicked off the press conference with a challenge to Congress to stand up for the LGBT community:

“[T]oday, Congress must step up to its responsibility, to fully accept its charge to serve its constituents. To step up to its moral obligation to preserve the integrity of the very fabric of our nation by providing an accessible workplace to all Americans — regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Pass ENDA today.”

Watch Rea’s opening remarks below the fold:


You can read her full remarks here.

Terrance Laney spoke at the conference about his experiences as a gay man who had been closeted in previous employment. Campus Progress caught up with him after, and he argued for immediate action on ENDA:


Today’s press conference wasn’t the end of our work or our week of action — far from it. Join us and help push Congress to pass the inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act here: