Rallying for jobs, justice & quality education at One Nation Working Together

Tens of thousands of people from all across the country marched and rallied in Washington, D.C., yesterday as part of One Nation Working Together. LGBTQ groups were among  the progressive allies who converged on the nation’s capital to demand jobs, justice and a quality education.

Task Force Deputy Executive Director Darlene Nipper and U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez address a crowd of tens of thousands at the Oct. 2 rally.

The National Black Justice Coalition, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, National Stonewall Democrats and Pride At Work were the co-conveners of the “LGBTQ Table” for One Nation Working Together. More details on that here.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Deputy Executive Director Darlene Nipper was one of the speakers at yesterday’s rally.  We’ll have video and more photos posted soon, so make sure to check back! Some news coverage here and here. You can also get more info on Facebook at “One Nation Working Together” and on Twitter @OneNationTeam.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported the rally, and thank you to all those who marched with LGBTQ groups!