Push marriage over the finish line in Minnesota

Minnesota can become the 12th state in the nation to gain marriage equality next week. But we need to finish the job! The staff of the Task Force is proud to have worked in Minnesota for years, making sure that people had the skills to have the conversations that clearly changed hearts and minds. We’ve helped to lead thousands of conversations to make sure people heard our stories and understood the importance of marriage equality for our community.

It has been an incredible year in Minnesota. Just last November the state beat back an attempt to restrict marriage in the state constitution and now we’re about to be the 12th state to win marriage equality. So this weekend, let’s finish the job. Governor Dayton has promised to sign the bill, but first it needs to pass the State Senate. Click www.mnunited.org/marriage to find your Senator and be connected to them directly.

This win has been years in the making, building grassroots power in Minnesota. Because people were willing to go door-to-door, to talk to people at church, at PTA meetings, over dinner, at the office, and to their legislators at home and in St. Paul., the dream of equality has been kept alive.

Minnesota has a special place in our hearts. Let’s get this done! Contact your senator right now at www.mnunited.org/marriage. And on Monday when the Senate votes, as fellow Minnesotans and comrades-in-arms, we’ll be there with you, singing, waving signs, and wide-eyed at the progress we’re making in Minnesota and all over the country.